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-Our most versatile ATF, use where Dexron III®, Dexron II®, Mercon® and Mercon V® fluids are recommended, for use in automatic, manual transmissions and power steering.
-Popular applications: Toyota Type T-III and T-IV, Honda ATF-Z1, Nissan Matic D, J & K, Diamond SP-II, SP-III, Mazda ATF M-V, most BMW and Audi/VW automatic transmissions.
-Also used with manual transmissions and transaxles like T-5, T-45, T-56 and late-model BMW, provides a GL-4 level of gear protection.
-Excellent cold weather operation.

Product Details:
Since most GL-5 gear oils for differentials are too slippery for manual transmissions, Red Line offers these products that ensure proper shifting while providing ultimate wear protection.

-Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (other’s synthetic gear oils are often too slippery for proper synchro engagement).
-Red Line offers lubricants to pinpoint nearly every transmission application.
-MT-LV, MTL, MT-85 & MT-90 are not for use in differentials with hypoid gears.
-Excellent gear and synchro protection, balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates.
-Excellent for high- and low-mile transmissions.
-Compatible with petroleums and other synthetics.