Redline Water Wetter Super Coolant 355ML – Redline

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Red Line’s Water Wetter SupeCoolant:
-Doubles the wetting ability of water.
-Improves heat transfer.
-Reduces cylinder head temperature.
-Reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis.
-Cleans and lubricates water pump seals.
-Can be used with all Antifreeze/Coolants.

Improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by 50%. This provides significantly better coolant contact in the cylinder head and can reduce coolant and head temperature by as much as 20’F.
Can be used with 100% water in racing but does not protect magnesium or alter freezing point.

Directions for use:
-1 ounce (3-4 capfuls) per quart or 1 bottle per automotive cooling system of 12-20 quarts. Less than 50% antifreeze provides further improvement in temperature reduction, but at least 15% antifreeze should be used in street vehicles. Red Line’s WATER WETTER provides excellent corrosion protection for cast iron, aluminium and brass systems. Can be used with distilled or tap water. Change cooling system annually for best protection.